Voice over, Translations and Subtitles in all languages.

Professional speaker service with professional native speakers from all over the world.

The Studio.

The range of Pubbliaudio services is varied:

Voice over, text adaptation, audiovisual translations, subtitles in all languages. 

Professional voice over in all language with professional native speakers for video production, documentaries, corporate videos, e-learning, commercial videos, presentations, video games, telephone waits, multimedia, web, for all video projects.

Professional native speaker in all languages of the world.

Professional native language speaker for Italian and foreign speaking acting.

Audio recording and synchronization for corporate videos, documentaries, industrial videos, promotional videos, audio guides, over sound, presentations and video production in general.

Wide range of professional mother tongue male and female voices in all languages of the world for narrated, recited and/or dubbed readings.

Voice over, Translations, Subtitles in English and in foreign languages.

Voice over for video projects.

Voice over, Over sound, Speaking, Narrations, in english and in foreign languages.

International recordings made with study partners in every capital of the world, with native speakers in connection live link pro in the various countries of origin.

Adaptation of texts, Audiovisual translations and Subtitles in English and in foreign languages.

Text Adaptation, Grammar Control and Audiovisual Translations for Voice over with Professional Copywriters.

Professional audiovisual translations of any kind (technical, medical/scientific, websites, subtitles…) in all languages. 

Reviews and double checks with native language professionals.


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